moron test

Another Moron Test

Well idiots, you asked for it. Here's yet another moron test, or idiot test if you will. Failed the other test? This one's easier. See if you can console yourself by acing this one.

The Wally Test - from the World's Association of Learning, Laughter and Youth.

Write down your answers and then see how many you got right.
The time limit is three minutes.

1. What is the last thing you take off before going to bed at night?

2. What gets longer when it is cut at both ends?

3. What was the first name of King George VI of England?

4. What do you call a fly without wings?

5. How many squares are there on a standard chessboard?

6. How many seconds are there in a year?

7. A man throws a ball three feet, it stops, and then returns to his hand without touching anything. How come?

8. What was the largest island in the world before Australia was discovered?

9. Why can a policeman never open the door in his pajamas?

10. If 5 dogs kill 5 rats in 5 minutes, how long does it take 15 dogs to kill 15 rats?

11. In Minnesota, which side of the chickens have more feathers?

Here are the answers to the first WALLY Test. Be prepared to groan.

1. Your feet off the floor.

2. A ditch.

3. Albert. (He deferred to Queen Victoria's wish that no future king be called Albert.)

4. A walk!

5. There are 204 squares of varying sizes on a regular 8x8 chessboard.

6. 12 - the second of Jan., the second of Feb., etc.

7. He throws it straight up.

8. Greenland. Australia is a continental land mass

9. He does not have a door in his pajamas.

10. 5 minutes.

11. The outside of the chicken ...

Rate your score on the following scale:

8 - 11 Correct - WALLY Whiz
6 - 7 Correct - Smart Aleck
3- 5 Correct - Average WALLY
0 - 2 Correct - Moron WALLY fully qualified to be a member of the Idiots Hall of Fame. Click Here to enter.